Los nueve artículos favoritos de Tibshirani

Rob Tibshirani ha seleccionado recientemente una lista de nueve artículos de estadística publicados desde 1970. Son estos:

  • Regression models and life tables (with discussion) (Cox 1972). Según Tibshirani, David Cox merece el Nobel de Medicina por él.
  • Generalized linear models (Nelder and Wedderburn 1972). Es la base del paquete glim de R.
  • Maximum Likelihood from Incomplete Data via the {EM} Algorithm (with discussion) (Dempster, Laird, and Rubin 1977).
  • Bootstrap methods: another look at the jackknife (Efron 1979).
  • Classification and regression trees (Breiman, Friedman, Olshen and Stone 1984).
  • How biased is the error rate of a prediction rule? (Efron 1986).
  • Sampling based approaches to calculating marginal densities (Gelfand and Smith 1990).
  • Controlling the false discovery rate: a practical and powerful approach to multiple testing (Benjamini and Hochberg 1995).
  • A decision-theoretic generalization of online learning and an application to boosting (Freund and Schapire 1995).