Error de medida

Por su interés y oportunidad, reproduzco aquí y en su idioma original (la parque que nos es más relevante de) un breve editorial de Simon Baptist, economista jefe de The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Así reza:

This week we had some apparent good news with [Indian] GDP growth at the end of 2014 revised upward to 7.5% but, looking closer, a large part of the good performance is due to changes in the way that GDP is calculated. These changes are welcome, as they better reflect the structure of the current Indian economy, but remind me that the mind-numbingly boring issues of price deflators and sectoral weights are actually much more important to economic statistics than issues of reform or central bank behaviour. Although it is less exciting, we economic commentators really should spend more time focusing on where our numbers come from rather than breathlessly extolling changes that are smaller than the likely measurement error. Either way, really understanding the context of data and forecasts is critical to making good business decisions.

El subrayado es mío, que conste.